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Open Arms Counseling Center Welcomes You

We are a private mental health practice dedicated to providing quality counseling services.

Do you find yourself involved in unhealthy relationships, feel taken advantage of, or feel inadequate, often compare yourself to others?

Maybe you grew up not feeling loved or protected?

Are you noticing emotional  or behavioral changes with your child?

Are you struggling to successfully cope with your feelings? 

Do you self-medicate with substances to feel better?

These are some of the areas we help individuals address in therapy.

Counseling is not reserved for only those with mental illnesses.

Often times when someone hears the word counseling or therapy, the initial thought is “I’m not crazy”. No, you are not “crazy”. Counseling can be very beneficial for individuals and families who want to learn a new perspective, new way of functioning, and new way of communicating with others.

Areas of Expertise

Interpersonal Relationships and Family Dynamics

Trauma and Adversity

Societal Issues and Work-related Challenges

Behavioral and Emotional Challenges