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Counseling Services

“I don’t feel like myself anymore”
“I’m always there for everyone else”
“I’m tired of holding on to my past”
“I’m ready to work on myself”.


Counseling is not reserved for only those with mental illnesses. Often times when someone hears the word counseling or therapy, the initial thought is “I’m not crazy”. No, you are not “crazy”. Counseling can be very beneficial for individuals and families who want to learn a new perspective, new way of functioning, and new way of communicating with others. In counseling sessions, this is your time to focus on your thoughts and feelings, be heard, and given undivided attention. Many do not know what this feels like because they have never had this experience or opportunity.

At Open Arms Counseling Center, individual, family, and couples’ counseling is provided in an emotionally safe environment.

Some of the issues addressed in counseling may include:

  • Acting out behaviors in youth
  • Adults who have experienced trauma
  • Discrimination and racism experienced by minorities and people of color
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Poor boundaries and codependent behaviors
  • Relationship conflict
  • Self- esteem
  • Toxic relationships
  • Substance abuse
  • Women who have experienced adversity/trauma in childhood
  • Work/life balance
  • Work stress

Benefits of Counseling:

  • The opportunity to be heard without being judged in a safe place.
  • Learn how to feel more calm, clear, peaceful, and in charge of yourself.
  •  Feeling empowered and confident about the choices you make.
  •  Increased self-awareness.
  •  Improved self-esteem.
  •  Learn to identify healthy relationships and improve boundaries with others.
  •  Begin to feel motivated to make changes.